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Food Safety

Craven District Council provides a food safety service to make sure that food and drink provided in the Craven District is safe. We help businesses comply with the law through advice and inspection of food premises.

Food Safety Week 19th June - 23rd June 2017


We all love it when the weather gets warmer. But did you know that you might need to think harder about food safety in the summer months? New research indicates that people in Yorkshire and the Humber could be putting themselves and their families at risk of food poisoning through lack of knowledge of the 4Cs of food hygiene: Chilling, Cooking, Cleaning and avoiding Cross-contamination.

The Food Standards Agency's Food and You Survey, which collects information on food safety through 3,118 interviews across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, found that in Yorkshire and the Humber:

  •  51% said they did not know what the fridge temperature should be, suggesting that many people's fridges may not be between the recommended 0 and 5°C.
  •  A third said that they generally defrost meat or fish in the microwave (6%) or fridge (30%), in line with FAS guidelines
  • A third of respondents (32%) said that they don't use different chopping boards for different foods, which increases the risk of cross-contamination between raw and ready-to-eat foods; more than any other English region, Wales or Northern Ireland.
  •  More than a third (37%) sometimes washed raw chicken.  Washing chicken risks spreading bacteria and should be avoided.
  •  One in seven (14%) of respondents do not always wash their hands before starting to prepare food, despite the FSA's recommendation that people wash their hands  thoroughly before cooking and after touching the bin, going to the toilet, handling pets or handling raw food.

These figures show that there's more that people in Yorkshire and the Humber area could do to keep themselves and their loved ones safe this summer. That's why Craven District Council is working with the Food Standards Agency promote good hygiene practices during Food Safety Week (19 - 25 June).  This year the week aims to encourage better hygiene practices for summer, when the risk of getting food poisoning goes up.

For tips on how to stay safe this summer visit:


We are responsible for the safety of food, which is imported, produced, sold and consumed within the Craven district.

We advise and educate food businesses and take enforcement action where appropriate.

These are some of the things that we do:

  • risk assessments of all registered food premises to give them a hazard rating - this determines how often we inspect them;
  • programmed food hygiene inspections
  • enforcement when hygiene and standards are not met/maintained
  • inspect and monitor approved premises
  • food sampling to ensure the wholesomeness of food
  • investigate food complaints.

We need to achieve the above in a way which is responsive to the needs of residents, businesses and visitors to the District (who may be affected by poor food safety) and to provide an effective and efficient enforcement programme to ensure food safety is improved and standards are maintained whilst not imposing undue burdens on businesses.