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About the Mobile Website

Who it's for and what's on the mobile site

This website is aimed at people out and about in Craven District, and using their 'smartphone' to access the web.  (For tablet users and other users at home or in business, the 'Desktop Site' has a much wider range of information and facilities (but doesn't display as well on all smartphones)).

The Home Page is a minimal list of what we think will be of interest to a mobile user.

The 'Menu' at the top of the page gives a fuller list of options.

Alternatively you can use the Search button at the top of the page to search on content (this will include articles from the desktop site too but displayed in a mobile-friendly way).

Or use the Search by address facility to find Council and other services specific to your address, e.g. bin collection dates.

Mobile website feedback

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    1. We're interested in your comments on the mobile website. Is anything missing for the 'mobile' user? Could it be easier to use? Please complete all the information boxes below then press the 'Send' button.
    2. If you're having a problem, it might help us to know what sort of smartphone you were using and what type of web browser, thanks.
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