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Information on Councillors and Council decision making

Craven District Council has 30 District Councillors elected in 19 Wards. The Conservative Group has overall control of the council. (Conservatives 18, Independent 6, Labour 3, Independent aligned to Conservative Group 1, Liberal Democrats 1). District Councils Elections take place in three out of four years (a third of the councillors are elected at each time), the next Election is on May 2014.

Chairman of Council Councillor Stephen Place

Vice-Chairman Councillor Wendy Hull

Leader of Council Councillor Richard Foster

Deputy Leader of Council Councillor John Dawson

Council Decision Making

Craven District Council operates an "alternative" arrangement , and makes decisions through a modernised committee system. Major policy issues are made at the Council Meeting, most of its day to day responsibilities are delegated to committees, sub-committees and officers . The Councillors' main decision-making body is the Policy Committee. The Select Committeereviews decisions of the Council

Decision-making on the Council's regulatory functions are the responsibility of the following committees:

The Council is committed to transparency and all committee meetings are open to the public, except when personal or confidential matters are being discussed.

Other Elected Representatives in Craven

There are 72 Parishes in Craven ( 37 are Parish Councils or Town Councils and 35 Parishes Meetings).

There are 7 County Councillors from Craven on North Yorkshire County Council.

The residents of Craven are within the Skipton and Ripon Constituency,  and are represented in parliament by Julian Smith MP.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire (including Craven) is Julia Mulligan.

Craven is a part of the Yorkshire and Humber region as regards voting for Member of the European Parliament (MEPs).